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“Hardcore will never die!!” a well renowned quote and a statement that is etched into the minds of the Rave Generation.  Be it now or in the past!! BassPhaze was well knowledged and experienced in the Rave scene from attending parties up and down the country to progressing to MC’ing at every opportunity that was presented to him.  However, BassPhaze had a passion and a need to write and produce tunes for the scene and for himself.  As this was happening, a new wave of hardcore presented itself….enter Freeform…

BassPhaze Self

Freeform originated and produced by artists such as Kevin Energy, Sharkey, K-Complex, AMS and Rikki Arkitech.  The tunes were hardcore kick drum driven but had a more trance vibe to them rather than the happy bounce feel of Hardcore.  This appealed to BassPhaze in a huge way and put him to producing his own Freeform.

BassPhaze invested in some music hardware and started to produce his own Freeform tracks and shared them through sending off demo tapes and on the internet.  In June 2001 a well known producer called “Sharkey” gave him a call and said he and K-Complex were very interested in producing some tracks together.  This followed on to 3 successful releases over the next 4 years including one “Chemical Warfare” making it onto the infamous “Bonkers” albums.

After a break due to family and other commitments BassPhaze is now back writing and producing with tracks being played recently on BBC Introducing Shropshire. He is also back on the road DJ’ing so make you sure you check out the “Events” page for more details.  As the saying goes……the best is yet to come…..

Equipment SetupCyn Kit

BassPhaze uses the following equipment..


Propellerhead Reason v12.0

Propellerhead Recycle

Fab Filter Q3

Soundforge Acid Pro

Ozone 9

Various VST’s such as Ascension and Vital Synths and Soundtoys Plugins


Novation Launchkey 49 – Controller Keyboard

Korg Modwave

Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 – Audio Interface

JBL 5 Monitor Speakers (Pair)

HP i7 PC with 250 SSD and 3TB Hard Drives.