The Darkness Within


1. Cynista (Feat Trixie)- A Shot Between The Eyes

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2. Cynista vs Denile - Darkside (Original Mix)

3. Kevin Energy - Waves Of Desire (Cynista's Thrash It Up Remix)

4. Pete Barbarick Ft Lauren Rose - Looking At You Differently (BassPhaze I Can't Breathe Remix)

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About Album

Artists: BassPhaze, Kevin Energy

Label: BassPhaze Beatz

Release Date: January 31, 2020

Available Lyrics

Cynista vs Denile - Darkside (Original Mix)

It creeps amongst the shadows.
Avoiding streams of light.
Crawling through the blackness.
Turning day back into night.

Unrelentless till the end.
A force you cannot trust.
A warning to be spoken.
There's a Darkside, in all of us!!